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After spending several years owning pet rabbits, we decided to dive into the world a little deeper. We believe that rabbits are one of the best pets to have for children, and let's be honest, they're so great that us old folks love them too! You can find more information on our rabbits, along with planned breedings and availabilities below!


A pure-bred VM harlequin Holland Lop buck, Owet is the main man in our herd. He has the sweetest personality and is the first to come "running" when it's time for snuggles or food - we often joke that he's more docile than our dogs. Always comfortable on your lap and willing to sit for hours watching a movie, this beautiful blue-eyed boy is newly proven, so we are looking forward to his babies which are sure to have shining, gentle dispositions.


Another blue-eyed beauty, Apple is our sassy girl! A pedigreed, pure-bred VM chestnut Holland Lop, she is full of spunk, and like a cat - chooses who her favorites are. She's certainly not the lap bunny Owet is, but her antics get us all laughing. She loves to run circles around your feet until you satisfy her with scratches and then she runs the bunny zoomies. An outgoing, curious, and tenacious little thing, Apple and Owet recently had their first litter of two little replicas! 


Everybody's favorite couch potato, Nutley, a chinchilla colored Netherland Dwarf and Lionhead mix, is usually the center of attention. He is our youngest daughter's best friend, and his personality fits just right for a four year old. Always ready to snuggle, or play, or get pulled around in a toy car, or packed around in a purse, tiny little Nutley is the perfect companion. His favorite thing in the world is attention, and a close second is fresh herbs from our garden - dill and cilantro are in constant supply for this little fellow. More often than not, you'll find him in "his spot" on the back of our couch, waiting to gently nibble ears and give sweet bunny kisses. We are looking forward to breeding him with one of our does to attempt to replicate his shining personality. 


Esther is the latest addition to our herd, and she is a fluffy dream cloud! She is a purebred tort-colored European Teddywidder - a breed that is relatively new to the US, and which will very likely gain rapid popularity because of their amazing personalities. Her fluff screams for cuddles, and she has a very sweet, curious, and snuggly personality to match! A true teddybear type of bun, Esther truly enjoys her weekly grooming sessions, and allows everyone to "fuss" over her. Along with Bramble, we are hoping to get her registered as a therapy pet so she can share her snuggly self with others. 


Another household favorite, Bramble is a purebred sable siamese colored Lionhead buck. Another super chill little guy, Bramble will sit in a lap for hours and enjoys all of his grooming sessions. One of his quirkiest characteristics is the amount of time he spends sitting up on his back legs like a little prairie dog - a complete character with lots of charm. He's not quite old enough to join our breeding program, but we are already happily imagining all the little fluff balls he'll produce when paired with any of our does.