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Canning and Preserves

At West of Waterloo we strive to create flavorful, traditional, and unique foods like barbecue plum sauce, applesauce, tomato chutneys, dilly beans, cardamom-plum jam, tomato and pineapple salsas, apple butter, spicy pickles, lime pickles, blackberry jam, grape jelly and juice, blackberry liqueur, peaches, pears, cranberry-pepper jelly, cowboy candy, spaghetti sauce, fireweed syrup, rummy pear butter, fruit rollups, apple juice and hard cider, and elderberry jelly! We use produce grown in our own, or our friends' and family's gardens, or harvested from the wilderness of the great Pacific Northwest! Recently, we invested in a pressure canner so we can start canning elk and fish - opportunities for food preservation are endless! Not only do we sell our canned goods, we host workshops to help get people started! Check out our workshops page to see what's coming for the season!

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