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Nothing is more fun than watching the biddies pecking around! Like most of the things we do at West of Waterloo, chicken care-taking is a family activity. We have a mixed flock of hens, and a Silkie rooster, hand-raised, and named (Goggle) by our four year old daughter. We specialize in hatching eggs selected from our friendliest and prettiest hens to bring you a fun variety of unique, one-of-a-kind chicks. We've recently added an incubator to our homestead and have had the great experience of watching little chicks zip themselves out of their eggs! At West of Waterloo, we offer hatching eggs - for you to hatch at home; day old chicks - ready for you to hand-raise; feathered out chicks - ready for the coop; full grown pullets - nearly ready to lay some fresh eggs for you; and older hens for those wanting to jump right into the world of chickens.

Cluck Cluck!

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